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"Our coaching sessions can help you to get an internal feeling about what you really want to do in your professional and private life and to move forward in this direction with putting effort into it and without being too hard with yourself. If you are from the tech field you can benefit from my deep understanding of specific challenges that this dynamic environment has. You can schedule a free discovery call below."

Sergiy Sumnikov


What do you need to become more wholesome?


Examples of typical requests in coaching

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In professional life

- to change a job or a profession- to go on a sabbatical or to exit from one- to be more balanced at work- to become a better leader- to change habits at work

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In private life

- to fulfill a personal dream- to improve the relationship with a partner- to move to another country- to improve relationships with friends- to plan an inspiring vacation


Learn what other people achieve with coaching


Mariana Bytsiv

Java Software Engineer

“After 8 years in software development and at the end of maternity leave, I wanted to decide what career path to take - management or tech. I could not fully agree with the recommendations of my friends and relatives, and I was not sure myself what do I really want. This uncertainly brought me lots of stress. At that time I learned about Sergiy's career coaching and scheduled an online meeting. I had some experience with the Gestalt approach. It was also great that Sergiy as a coach knew the specific challenges of the tech field. After a few meetings, I understood what career direction I want to pursue and what I really want. I became full of energy and started confidently and optimistically to move to my calling. Being online, Sergiy helped me to feel both career options and to see where my favorite vocation was. I am very grateful to Sergiy for his presence and non-directive calm and thoughtful approach that helped me to understand what I really want. Now I know for sure what I love to do, I do it, and it's amazing.”


Yura Oryshchych

Software Engineer

“I've got an excellent experience with Sergiy as a coach. His effective support helped me to understand a problem, articulate it, clear my mind, make a decision and plan actions. I do recommend Sergiy as a career coach.”


Olena Mozgova

Project Manager

“I had a chance to meet with Sergiy during the workshop he conducted and after it, I asked for a coaching session. I needed career clarity: where to go and how to move. During the workshop, I looked at my experience and achievements from another angle which gave me motivation and hints on how to move further. During our coaching session, we went deeper and discussed more specific topics where I got answers on what to check and what to work at.”



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About coaching partnership

  • Do you guarantee the result?

    Coaching is joint work and the result depends on both sides. Therefore, I don't guarantee the results, but I am responsible for the qualitative coaching process and my ethical standards.

  • What is the difference to counselling/mentoring/therapy?

    In counseling and mentoring I would give advice while in coaching I help you to come to your own solutions by asking the right questions.
    In psychotherapy, traumas in childhood are discussed while in coaching the focus is on the desired future and how to attain it.

  • How to start?

    1. Send me a time when you want a free discovery call via the contact form below.2. Confirm a calendar invite with a Google Meet link that I will send you.3. Have a discovery call with me to discuss your request.

  • What languages can we speak in a coaching session?

    English, German, Russian, or Ukrainian.

  • What is the price, duration and format?

    I don't have a standard price and define it for each client depending on the request and other factors. 
    Coaching sessions are online using e.g. Google Meet.
    The duration of a coaching partnership depends on the specific request and can take a few sessions. Since I can cover professional and personal topics, a coaching relationship can potentially last long-term.

About coach

  • What is your experience and education?

    I am a certified coach in the Gestalt approach by Gestalt Coaching International. I have also taken the course in basics of existential coaching. In addition, I have passed several courses in Gestalt psychotherapy compliant with the standards of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy.
    Last 10 years, I've been practicing coaching-based leadership in C-level and Director roles at different tech companies.
    I have been organizing digital detox & mindfulness camps in the mountains.
    Please find more information on my profile on LinkedIn.

  • Do you provide organisational or team coaching?

    At the moment, I am focused on individual coaching, but in the future, I also might also provide team and organizational coaching. 

  • What business domains you have experience in?

    Tech, corporate finance, business services, sales & marketing, management. Since I have over 10 years of experience in the tech field, I can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs, managers, engineering and non-engineering professionals from this field.

  • What is special about your approach in coaching?

    I practice coaching that is based on a Gestalt approach. It is targeted towards personality development and existential questions and less towards skills and performance. The relationship between coach and coaches, awareness development, and true self are very important here.

  • What ethical standards do you comply with?

    Confidentiality, understanding the limits of my competence, and all other ethical norms mentioned in the ethical codex of International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Gestalt Coaching International (GCI).



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